Where does the Art come from?

Old photo of Los Angeles inspires this piece.

How an Idea in a story can Remind You of You

Since I have made art for over two decades, I have told the same story many, many times. Throughout the retelling I have found that my ideas flow best when I use themes of settings. For example, images of a city from the 1950s. The painting featured titled La La Landis Los Angeles from the 1950s. It can be recognized by the old department store of Bullocks, which was bought by Macy's in the 1970s.

When I showed this piece in Palm Springs recently, many woman told me stories of their connection with this store. It's glamour and uniqueness was part of the beginnings of their lives. Some worked there. Spending all of their earnings on the beautiful clothes. Others remember shopping there and feeling overwhelmed with the beauty of the building. The inside of this department store was 1920s art deco and its elegance was part of the shopping experience.

The Goal is to have the Ideas connect to your identity.

My goal is to bring a deeper sense of self for the viewer by reminding them of their history. This is important for all of us to do so we have a strong connection to our identity. Therefore, every time I create a piece, I think of how the image can make the viewer escape into another place. A place from the past that defines the present "self". It is an amazing experience speaking to clients when they recall their lives from another time. I feel that we are all very similar. Many times, these memories align with my own experiences. When a painting, a piece of art, deepens a person's connection to themselves, then my job is done. My goal has been achieved.