Stories of art can bring you hope.

Art and Hope are linked by the use of Stories.

It is through stories that hope can heal. It is in stories that you can imagine another time and place and imagine a life where there is more light. A place where you can exist beyond the immediate.

By doing so, a feeling of hope comes upon you and the imagined world creates an endorphin rush which helps accelerate healing. The brain has to find ways to overcome hurdles and move to a place of recovery. By experiencing the stories there is a "narrative support", a type of support that makes you think of another time and place.

What does art do?

Art does so many things; it creates a story of hope, it reminds you of the simple things in life that you can overlook, it nourishes you and informs you spiritually.

Perhaps, most importantly, it reminds you of the best of yourself. It takes you into a place where you can celebrate simple pleasures. The pleasure of being with others, or soaking in the sunlight, or hanging out in a place of beauty and light.

In the image, Being Home, we are taken to the that place of fun and vacation. Hanging out at the campground, enjoying a home on wheels. A place that many of us experienced this past summer. Being in a space where we are with family and friends enjoying the wider space than being at home. Yet home is with us.

As you manage your life during these times, finding art and music that takes you to another place becomes part of the quest. The hopefulness that occurs can change your brain. It can block pain and give you the sense that all is good. At the end of it all, that is the most important piece. Just feeling like there is hope.

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