How to Buy a Piece of Art

When buying a piece of art many potential collectors doubt their ability to choose. It brings to mind what makes a work of art valuable for your choice? How do you decide on a piece of art? Do you go by colour? By size? In my world, these criteria should not be the primary concerns. Rather it should be about the story. What does this Art say to you and how does it reflect something in your life that enhances your world?

Art in your home is something you look at everyday. Every time you look at the painting, it should transport you to another world. Another world where your mind can escape into. This can happen with abstraction to representational work. In my work, I try to create stories that are an Escape. A place that has a moment of memory. A snippet of a time and place that reminds us of a second of Joy. One that is filled with Love, with connection, with exuberance.

In the featured image, titled Enjoying the Laughter, brings to mind the wandering through European streets. The Flaneur in us- that of just enjoying and discovering a place without a goal or purpose. The laughter is brought through with the mid century girl dancing. There really is nothing like coming upon a wonderful moment that we discover as we travel. The goal with this piece is to remind the viewers of this time. The time you escaped to another place that reminded you of fun and adventure.

It is this story that the main criteria when buying a piece of art. The place it takes you.

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